How It Works


How it all works!
Well, we are what some refer to as a “concierge company,” call us your personal assistant, errand girl, time-saver, right-hand man, taskmaster, lifestyle manager, or simply put…LIFE TAMER. Basically, we are the peeps that you call to take care of life’s little (and sometimes BIG) to-do list; day or night, weekend or weekday, ‘round the clock or ‘round the corner. Call us what you will, but don’t call us late for dinner (or for your dinner plans for that matter).

- Reservations, tickets, local attractions
Shop and purchase gifts
-  Organize: closets, home office, receipts, and paperwork

- Pet sitting daily (30 minute visits twice a day or overnight)
- Dry Cleaning/laundry pick/drop off
- Forms & Templates


 Why the heck do I need
        That Girl Can Do It?


Good question, we prefer fact over fiction so let’s get some facts… **Compliments of Bureau of Labor Statistics and Donald E. Wetmore creator of The Productivity Institute 75% of employees take care of personal tasks while on the job, spending ¼ of their business day (not including lunch and scheduled breaks) doing PERSONAL tasks

Life Tamers Extraordinaire.

Ok, Ok, you got my attention I still need a little more convincing.

We gotcha ya! So let’s suppose you are 1 of the 78% of Americans who wish they had more time to stop and “smell the roses.”

Statistics show that hiring a “concierge service” like, That Girl Can Do It for your routine tasks can free up as much as 20 hours per week! Suh-weet! Not only will “That Girl” get the roses for you to smell, we’ll give you the extra time to do it!

Who Can? We can! At That Girl Can Do It.

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